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Vibration absorber

Pulsmin vibration absorber

The vibration absorber consists of a casing pipe inside which an oscillator body is positioned between two coil springs. The oscillator body and coil springs form a spring-mass system whose natural frequency is attuned to the excitation frequency (output frequency) of the piston compressor.
In order for the pulsating pressure variations to be able to stimulate the oscillator body to vibrate, the pressure variations must cause a drop in pressure above the oscillator body. To this end, a cross-section constriction is integrated into the oscillator body.
The phase relationship between the frequencies of the oscillator body and the excitation frequency (pulsation frequency) is designed in such a way that the oscillator body, due to its inertia, can no longer keep up, it nearly vibrates in the opposite direction, i.e. with a phase shift of half a cycle or 180¡. The output amplitudes downstream of the absorber are small.
How different phase shifts affect the components downstream of the absorber depends on other parameters such as the length of the pipelines, and can be established through experiments if necessary.

The vibration absorber can also be supplied in combination with a pulsation damper.
For function of pulsation damper see function of pulsation damper.

Mounting location:
The vibration absorber is mounted directly downstream of the piston compressor in the compressed air line.
This protects all the components (filters etc.) downstream of the absorber in the direction of flow.
See also diagram of vibration absorber


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